Trends | Nov 30. 2022 - 8:22AM

Future trend report: who are the consumers of the future, and what are they looking for?

In November 2021 Oterra announced an exclusive partnership with Dr Gaye to explore more calculated predictions about what might be ahead for the consumer. We recognize that it’s not enough for companies to look short-term if they want to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Following our Food Trends of the Future webinar last year, we are now delighted to share more output from our partnership – our Future Trends Report for you to download.

We live in a time of accelerated change.

The global pandemic has changed the way we experience the world around us, driving a profound shift away from the physical to evermore digital interactions – while global consumer trends reflect a reinvigorated desire for a connection with nature and our friends and family. As we struggle to understand the changes happening to the world around us now, we can also start to look at how these trends will play out with the consumer of the future. What products will appeal to the consumer in ‘the new normal'?  

As we (hopefully!) emerge from the global pandemic, we seek out new experiences with food and drink in the comfort of our own homes and we are using our senses to explore the world around us in a new way. As the idea of a reliable ‘constant, fixed future’ becomes more problematic, Dr Gaye suggests we are left with some important questions: 

  • How do I get to feel better? 

  • How can we find comfort in every day? 

  • What kind of impact are we having on the world and each other? 

  • What makes us human? 

And how can the products we consume help us to find the answers?

Searching for something more...

Increasingly, new products reflect our desire to be transported to somewhere new and exciting with food service and domestic brands joining forces to create consumer experiences that appeal to the senses. Alongside this, we are making more purchasing decisions online- we ‘eat with our eyes'. Sight is arguably the first sense in the digital world and the appearance and color of food and drink play a vital role in the consumers' decision to purchase.    

Once we as consumers make the purchase, what will the products of the future be like to experience? 

Read the exclusive report from Dr Morgaine Gaye to find out more.   

Dr Morgaine Gaye  Dr Gaye’s career spans more than a decade and she has worked closely with well-known global brands such as Mondelez, Mars, Unilever, and Nestle to deliver thought-provoking insights into the future of food and eating from a social, cultural, economic, trend, branding, and geo-political perspective. She is also a frequent media contributor, having appeared on numerous TV shows such as BBC World News and Sunday Brunch, as well as radio, from BBC and Five Live to NPR, and is often quoted in media outlets such as Glamour, Stylist, the Telegraph, and the Financial Times. 

"What does it mean to be human, what will the future look like? "