Stand out from the crowd with innovative drink colors

The beverage industry is very dynamic, and consumers are constantly on the lookout for the next innovation. But they still want to know what’s in the beverages they drink, and it’s important that they contain natural colors and are free from artificial ingredients. Pale shades can highlight the naturality of your product, while bright and bold colors can help your products stand out from the crowd. Read about our many different beverage applications and how we can help you achieve exactly the result you want.


Carbonated soft drinks

As consumers continue to look for healthier carbonated soft drink options, reformulating your product with natural ingredients can be the key driver for success – and differentiate your products from the competition. We can help you with your formulation and advise you on how to address technical challenges such as low pH, carbonization, and packaging. Our wide range of products, including encapsulated, emulsified, and stabilized natural pigments are specifically designed to overcome these common issues.


The demand for concentrates goes beyond consumer products. In the B2B market, the volume of compounds is growing with an increase of independent bottlers and private labels. Though different customers have different needs, there are similarities when it comes to stability. High acid, high flavor load and high sugar content are just some of the technical parameters that can be a challenge in terms of stability. We can help you with the best food color solution and technical support for your concentrates.

Functional beverages

Fueled by consumer demand for food and beverages with health benefits, functional beverages are becoming increasingly popular. Color plays an important role in highlighting the function and naturality of these products. But added ingredients like vitamins, minerals and botanicals can affect stability. Our application centers do extensive research to find the best match for your products from our wide portfolio of natural food colors and formulations.

Juice-based beverages

Juice based products meet consumer demand for natural and they’re often perceived as a healthier alternative to similar products that aren’t juice based. Natural food colors add to this natural appeal. From creative blends for food-explorers to healthy products for the health-conscious consumer, we can help you find the ideal color solution to strengthen your product and the concept behind it.

Powdered beverages

Convenient, on-the-go products are a great fit for busy lifestyles. Whether it’s a functional beverage or a refreshing lemonade, sensory appeal is key to success. With our range of I-Colors®, we can support powdered beverages that require color with good plating ability. Our high strength powders also offer excellent cost-in-use, without compromising on quality.

Energy drinks

Though energy drinks have often been perceived as artificial, consumer demand is driving the industry towards more natural solutions with less sugar and that are free from artificial ingredients. Added vitamins, minerals, and ingredients like caffeine can have a significant effect on the stability of natural colors. When you partner with us, we work closely with you to select the right color with the best natural color for your energy drink.