Natural, pet-safe food colors

Consumer demand continues to be strong for natural, simple ingredients in pet food. Our naturally sourced, food-grade coloring ingredients can help to subtly differentiate your product, creating a premium appearance that complements your product’s flavor and mirrors the same rich color palette of the human diet and our own favorite foods. The raw materials we use are extracted from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, edible plants and cochineal. All ingredients in our product range are human grade and pet food compliant for cats and dogs. They meet the highest quality and regulatory standards.



The heat and pressure of extrusion and long shelf-life requirements of kibble call for natural colors that can withstand high temperatures and remain stable during the product’s shelf-life. We can help you with vibrant plant and vegetable colors like orange and green that emphasize your products’ vegetable content. Or give it a rich, hearty appeal and replace synthetic colors with some of our natural color options for brown and red shades. Although dogs see fewer colors than people, they see contrast well. So why not blend several shades of brown to make a more interesting meal?

Semi-moist treats

Semi-moist or soft moist pet food is often highly flavored, and food colors are used to match the expectations of the flavor. Highly concentrated flavors often affect color performance. We can help you avoid common flavor and color pitfalls, so that your natural colors continue to perform at their best. Whether you need a meaty red, a seasoned yellow or beefy brown, we’ll ensure you get the right, most cost-efficient solution.

Baked treats

Baked treats tend to be the brightest of all pet food applications, with fun colors pet owners prefer. They are also most likely displayed in transparent packaging, so light stability is a must. We can support you with a range of bright natural shades that allow you to claim no artificial colors and have great light stability – even for the most sensitive pigments, like turmeric.


Wet pet food covers a broad range of products, from meat loaf to chunks in gravy, sauce, or jelly. Most have a high level of moisture and go through extensive heat processing, which makes high heat stable colors a must. And the background color of the base can impact the final color depending on the type of meat, fat, protein, and other ingredients used. Whether you’re making wet pet food in a can, tray, or pouch, we work closely with you from the start of a project to guide your food coloring journey. Throughout the development process we share our rich expertise in the science of natural food colors and applications to help you optimize your product formulation and ensure the final color of your product is stable and resilient.