Vibrant, natural candy coloring

Color is a key feature of candy and gum products. As constant innovation is a must, natural food colors can be the differentiator you need to take your colored candy to the next level. We can help you uncover new opportunities and develop exciting, bright candy that hits the sweet spot and appeals to consumers everywhere.


Jellies and gummies

Jelly gums, otherwise known as gummies and jellies, as well as pastilles and fruit snacks are popular with kids and adults everywhere. But without added color, these family favorites are almost colorless or at best slightly yellowish. When it comes to picking a favorite from the candy bowl, color makes all the difference. For stand-out bright, vibrant colored jellies, our natural food colors offer the stability and robustness you need to deal with processing and storage conditions such as low pH, high heat, and light.

Panned candy

Whether hard and crunchy or soft and chewy, the coating on your panned confectionery should have a smooth and even color. Though a whitened center is a good starting point for a bright color finish, the shade and color intensity of the final panned product depends on the color dosage in the panning syrup and the number of applications. Other factors that impact the final color are the ingredients in the color formulation, as well as the temperature, holding time and pH of the colored panning syrup. For a colorful, resilient candy coatings, we recommend our CapColors™ for easy, trouble-free panning.

Foam candy

When air is incorporated into foam candies, pulled chewy candies, or extruded marshmallow, it creates stunning pastel shades. The more air, the lighter the color intensity. We can help you achieve the perfect pastel shade for your aerated confectionery. Especially in highly aerated foam candy, concentrated colors give the best results for intense shades. Pigments sensitive to oxygen, such as carotenoids, and pigments sensitive to pH, such as anthocyanins, can affect your yellow, orange, pink and red shades. We can help you get the results you’re looking for so you get perfectly colored foam candy.

Hard candy

No matter what the shape and size of your hard candy and lollipops, we can help you achieve brilliant color for any flavor, from fresh and fruity to cool mint. Low pH and high heat can affect the stability and robustness of pigments in hard candy. For deposited, pressed, or pulled processes, we can help you achieve vibrant jewel-like transparent and opaque shades.

Pressed tablets

We can help you take your pressed tablets from white to pretty pastel with our colors from nature. For plating perfection, powdered food colors from our I-Colors® range are ideal. The small particle size, particle distribution and density ensure an even and stable color no matter your tablet base.

Chocolate-based confectionery

From fat-based fillings in chocolate bars, to colored compound coatings, or a decorative element on the surface of fat-based products, natural food colors can bring a distinguishing twist of brilliance to highlight the flavor profile of the product. Oil-based food coloring is recommended for easy dispersion into the fat-based mass and to avoid impacting the texture of your chocolate-based treats.

Chewing gum

For uncoated gum such as slabs or chunks, process conditions and the gum base composition can impact color performance. And depending on the shade you want and your production process, colors that are heat stable natural food coloring that is also pH stable may be necessary.

Extruded candy

From laces and belts, to filled tubes and even sugar/acid sanded surfaces, we can help you color your extruded candy. High heat, pressure, and low or high pH levels can affect the final color of your product. Whether your extruded candy has a fresh fruit or an intense, deep licorice flavor, we have a natural food color to match your needs.