Natural food colors solutions for dietary supplements

Consumer preferences for all-natural dietary supplements are on the rise. We offer a full palette of food coloring from natural sources for your dietary and nutritional galenics. With both powder and liquid food color options, we are able to provide you with the exact coloring product for your production needs.


Compressed tablets

Among all dosage forms, tablets are the most popular because of their stability and consumer acceptability. We can help you find the right color for your compressed or coated tablets. Choose between I-Colors®, CapColors® and FruitMax® for homogeneous color. Our natural colors are available in dry or wet blends for excellent solubility, color uniformity and stability.

Functional gummies

One of the fastest growing nutraceutical segments, functional gummies like vitamin gummies are a popular choice around the world, particularly for children. The choice of food coloring plays an important role. The base itself (e.g., gelatin, pectin, plant-based) and the addition of vitamins or minerals can affect color shade and stability. We can help you solve your formulation challenge, whether it’s solubility, pH stability, heat stability or the effect of macro-ingredients in your formulation.


Hard capsules and softgels (animal or plant-based) are impacted by increasing consumer demand for natural colors and clean ingredients. Whatever your base, we have a natural food color that will match your needs for color stability and robustness. Our unique range of food coloring options includes our encapsulated CapColors® and LiquidCap® colors, which we recommend for softgels without opacifiers.

Instant drinks

Formulating mixes for instant drinks requires ingredients that dissolve quickly, disperse well, are visually appealing, taste good and have a long ambient shelf life. Your instant drink powder can be visibly colored or not and still produce an attractive color when dissolved. Our I-Colors® are specifically developed to meet your needs for stunning instant drinks.