Article | Apr 30. 2024 - 12:39PM

Embracing Natural Food Coloring: The Path Forward After the Red 3 Ban

Our expert

Chari Rai

Head of Applications & Regulatory Affairs North America

As the food industry evolves, regulatory changes continue to shape ingredient choices. Recently, Red 3, a commonly used synthetic food coloring, has faced scrutiny, leading to impending bans in various regions. Amidst this transition, Oterra remains committed to offering natural food coloring solutions that align with evolving regulations and consumer preferences. 

The Implications of the Red 3 Ban: The decision to phase out Red 3 underscores the industry's commitment to cleaner, ingredients. As regulatory agencies focus on enhancing food safety standards, food producers must adapt by exploring alternative solutions that meet both regulatory requirements and consumer expectations. 

Enter Natural Food Coloring Solutions: Our solutions provide a seamless transition to natural colors. Harnessing the vibrant hues of natural ingredients, such as Red Beet, Hansen Sweet Potato, Spirulina, and Jagua blue, these solutions offer a spectrum of colors without compromising on taste. Moreover, they align with consumer preferences for clean-label products.  


Benefits of Natural Food Coloring:  

  • Regulatory Compliance: Our solutions meet regulatory standards, providing a straightforward path to compliance. 

  • Clean Label Appeal: Natural colorings contribute to cleaner labels, reflecting transparency and quality. 

  • Flavor Enhancement: Derived from natural sources, our colorings enhance the overall taste and sensory experience of food products. 

  • Navigating the Transition: As food producers transition away from Red 3, our natural color solutions offer stability and reliability. While challenges such as variability in color intensity may arise, our team provides comprehensive support to ensure consistent results. 

 Embracing a Brighter Future: By embracing natural food coloring solutions, food producers demonstrate a commitment to innovation and sustainability. Together, let's adapt to regulatory changes and create products that prioritize consumer health and well-being.  At Oterra, we offer a diverse range of natural color solutions to facilitate this transition seamlessly. Our solutions not only meet regulatory standards but also deliver vibrant colors and flavors, enhancing product appeal and consumer satisfaction.  Join us in embracing this change towards a healthier, more sustainable future. Please reach out to us for further information or assistance with transitioning to our natural color solutions.